China drives into global trouble

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China may discover that more countries in the world now intend to stand up to Beijing’s actions, as the US finds a rare political unity in opposing its actions from technology to Hong Kong.

In an ironic twist to the global story, China has relaxed its economy more and is making better progress with its recovery than most of the rest of the world. Early into the pandemic – and generally thought to be its source – China clamped down the affected region severely, took lesser action elsewhere and now reports low levels of infection.

China has recently changed its explanation of what went wrong. It now denies that the original passage of the virus was from another species in a wet animal market, whilst also continuing to refute the idea the virus escaped from the nearby research institute.

The failure of China to report the events immediately on the original outbreak has upset some and led to bitter exchanges with Australia, which seeks a proper international enquiry into the pandemic and the response. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has been on China’s side, agreeing with China that, after the early stages, China co-operated well with it and shared relevant information as other countries became overwhelmed by the disease.

View Full Article – published by Charles Stanley on 2nd June 2020