Covid-19: the inescapable truths faced by investors

us lockdown

Investors will need to be more agile than ever as Covid-19 reinforces many of the trends driving the world economy prior to the outbreak.

“At the beginning of the plague, when there was now no more hope but that the whole city would be visited; when all that had friends or estates in the country retired with their families; and when one would have thought the very city itself was running out of the gates…you may be sure from that hour all trade, except such as related to immediate subsistence, was, as it were, at a full stop.”
A Journal of the Plague year, Daniel Defoe 1722 (Based on the events of 1665).

Alongside the tragic human impact, Covid-19 has had a profound economic effect. The great lockdown has put an abrupt end to the longest economic expansion on record in the US and pushed the world economy into the deepest downturn since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Although there are signs that the virus is being brought under control and governments are beginning to lift restrictions on mobility and social interaction, we doubt the recovery will be rapid. We expect the effects of the pandemic to reverberate long after the outbreak has passed.

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