Weak sterling undermined UK dividends in Q1

Speculation over the EU referendum continued to absorb the limelight during May, and investors and companies became increasingly nervous about the potential impact of a Brexit. The FTSE 100 Index fell by 0.2%, while the FTSE Small Cap Index climbed by 0.2%; meanwhile, the FTSE 250 Index posted a monthly gain of 2.3%. The relatively … Continue reading “Weak sterling undermined UK dividends in Q1”

May is dominated by Brexit debate

In the UK, May was dominated by discussion over the impending referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union (EU), which is scheduled to take place on 23 June . During the month, the tenor of the debate became progressively irritable, as theorising and argument over the economic impact of a Brexit became increasingly … Continue reading “May is dominated by Brexit debate”

Gilt yields fall in May

As the debate surrounding the UK’s future membership of the European Union (EU) intensified, gilt prices rose during May and yields fell. The yield on the benchmark ten-year UK gilt ended May at 1.56% , compared with 1.73% at the end of April. Meanwhile, the shorter-dated UK gilt yield fell over the month from 0.52% … Continue reading “Gilt yields fall in May”

Better-than-expected economic growth in Japan

Having contracted by 0.4% during the final quarter of 2015, Japan’s economy expanded more strongly than expected during the first the months of 2016, posting quarterly growth of 0.4% and annualised growth of 1.7%. Despite weakness in export activity and public investment, economic growth received an overall boost from an increase in government spending. The … Continue reading “Better-than-expected economic growth in Japan”

Brexit debate and US monetary policy dominates in May

As June’s referendum on the UK’s future membership of the European Union (EU) drew closer, the tone of the Brexit debate became increasingly ill-tempered in May. During the month, various influential organisations – including the Bank of England (BoE), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) – contributed to the … Continue reading “Brexit debate and US monetary policy dominates in May”