What does Brexit mean for trade?

The fallout from the United Kingdom’s vote on European Union membership, in which the ‘Leave’ campaign won a narrow victory, will have a wide range of repercussions that are difficult to assess in terms of scope, duration and size. The initial impact of this result has been global, and uncertainty remains a part of the … Continue reading “What does Brexit mean for trade?”

Brexit: keep calm and carry on seizing business opportunities

Despite last week’s referendum result it’s important to remember nothing has actually changed for now‎.  The UK is still a member of the EU, it is still the world’s fifth largest economy and is still home to a huge range of fantastic companies. Our relationship with Europe will evolve over time but I have no … Continue reading “Brexit: keep calm and carry on seizing business opportunities”

The Brexit trade-off

Amidst the uncertainty around what will happen after Britain’s historic vote to leave the European Union, there is some clarity about the next steps. Boris Johnson, the prominent Leave campaigner and PM contender, has set out his views in a newspaper article in which he says that Britons will have the right to live and … Continue reading “The Brexit trade-off”

Brexit – a shock for markets, or a crisis?

Investors have been seriously wrong-footed by the result of the EU referendum. But the shock of City traders this morning is nothing compared with the stunned response of the people who thought they ran the country. The economic and political questions raised by this vote will not be answered for years, possibly decades. But the … Continue reading “Brexit – a shock for markets, or a crisis?”

Stagflation looms after UK’s EU referendum

The UK choosing to leave the EU comes as a major shock for investors and uncertainty will remain high for some time. In the near-term, the UK is likely to experience a stagflationary period of lower growth but higher inflation. After months of uncertainty and market volatility, the UK is projected to have voted to … Continue reading “Stagflation looms after UK’s EU referendum”

Risk-off sentiment prevails as the market reaction quickly prices in uncertainty

The UK’s vote to leave the EU has resulted in a significant pullback in markets but investors should not over react to today’s volatility. Non-domestically focused equities may prove the best way to navigate the market uncertainty. There are so many issues and permutations to be considered in the event of today’s Brexit vote, it’s … Continue reading “Risk-off sentiment prevails as the market reaction quickly prices in uncertainty”

EU referendum: our thoughts as the UK decides to leave

Following the UK’s historic decision to leave the European Union (EU), we share some initial views from our economic and investment teams as to what this result may now mean for markets and investment strategy.   Nick Mustoe,Chief Investment Officer, Invesco Perpetual After months of anticipation, UK voters have decided – in an historic move … Continue reading “EU referendum: our thoughts as the UK decides to leave”