The art of the deal and tax cuts for the US

President Trump promised the USA the art of the deal when he came to office. He conjured a view of a successful businessman cutting a better deal for working America, with a new approach to trade, tax, infrastructure spending and the rest to promote a more prosperous country. Seven months on, some are asking if … Continue reading “The art of the deal and tax cuts for the US”

The pre-Brexit Budget that went off without a bang

Stephanie Flanders, Chief Market Strategist for the UK and Europe at JP Morgan Asset Management, shares her thoughts on the chancellor’s spending review in a short response bulletin. Stephanie considers the effect of the announced measures on the economy and the implications for investors. Today the UK Chancellor, Philip Hammond, had to sound like he … Continue reading “The pre-Brexit Budget that went off without a bang”

Forbidden fruit

There are unusual, even bizarre, aspects to the news that the European Commission has ordered Ireland to claw back €13 billion in back taxes from Apple. The figure represents the difference between Ireland’s standard corporation tax rate and the somewhat smaller figure paid by Apple over the past quarter-century. First, the Irish Government has decided … Continue reading “Forbidden fruit”