Davos: world leaders miss out on the personal touch

In some ways Davos looks much the same as in previous years. The world’s great and good from politics, academia, business and the media have once again descended on Switzerland. The combination of all of these companies and leaders from around the world in an otherwise quiet and rural backwater is as incongruous as ever. … Continue reading “Davos: world leaders miss out on the personal touch”

The challenges of change

When the first electric light switches were installed in the White House in the 1890s, then-president Benjamin Harrison refused to touch them for fear of being electrocuted. For the duration of his presidency, he would ask his staff to flick the switches. Harrison’s aversion is one small example of rational human fear in response to … Continue reading “The challenges of change”

Five things I learned at Davos

Populism, automation, regime changes, future forecasting and long-term investing – Huw van Steenis, Global Head of Strategy, shares his perspectives from the 2017 World Economic Forum meeting. The mood at Davos was the most divergent in years. Some American bosses were notably bullish about accelerating economic growth and a regime change in fiscal, regulatory and … Continue reading “Five things I learned at Davos”

World leaders gather in Davos

The 2017 gathering at the World Economic Forum in Davos takes place this week against an almost unprecedented backdrop of global political and economic uncertainty. The ramifications of the UK’s vote last June to leave the European Union are extensive. Re-setting the trading and political relationship will be a multi-year process that will result in … Continue reading “World leaders gather in Davos”

What does Brexit mean for trade?

The fallout from the United Kingdom’s vote on European Union membership, in which the ‘Leave’ campaign won a narrow victory, will have a wide range of repercussions that are difficult to assess in terms of scope, duration and size. The initial impact of this result has been global, and uncertainty remains a part of the … Continue reading “What does Brexit mean for trade?”